Sunday, 6 August 2017

Ensure your Teenager’s health with teen health check-up packages from Fayth Clinic

Teenage is volatile period in one’s life. We have all been there! We have all experienced the identity crisis, the mood swings and all those frustrations when you are no longer a kid but you are not considered an adult either! The battle with school work, board exams and all are fond memories now though not so much when we had to deal with them.

So while our teenagers are under so much pressure with the need to perform, are they healthy? Teenage is a significant period of growth, both physically and mentally. A deficiency in their health could set them a long way back in life. A teen health check up would be ideal during this period to ease health concerns.
Parents go a long way in ensuring that their kids are being provided for everything they need. In fact, once a parent, everything that we do is for the ensuring a safe future for our children. However, we often tend to overlook the need of regular health checkups unless encountered with a health problem. That is not to be so.
A perfect health provides the best platform for your child to fly off towards their bright future. Teen health check up packages helps in evaluating the various factors of physical and mental development along with probabilities for potential diseases. This helps in adopting healthy practises and holistic approaches early on in life to ensure a safe and disease free future.

Teen Health Check-up Package at Fayth Clinic
Faith Clinic, one of the leading diagnostic centres in India, offers Teen Health Check-up Packages at their online store. The package involves a consultation with a physician and dietician along with other regular tests for haematology, lipids, cardiac, lung, liver and kidney function and radiology tests. The package also contains post consultation cardiac check-up for identification of high risk individuals.
The package is available at a nominal price of Rs 3510 and can be bought online.

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Friday, 14 July 2017

Let's Start Your Weight Loss Journey Here

People with extreme obesity or overweight have required losing weight. Weight loss is recommended for the people who are suffered with severe obesity, overweight or have severe obesity related health problems. Exercise, Medication and strict diet are the good methods to lose weight.

Weight loss is important for

  • Consuming high level of calories
  • Living a sedentary lifestyle
  • good sleeping pattern
  • avoid Endocrine disruptors
Weight loss helps people to decrease the size and amount of the fat cells in the body which a person has accumulated and has a negative effect on the health.  The body weight is determined by the amount of energy that a person takes in as food and the amount of energy a person expend in the activities of a day. Energy is measured in calories. Metabolism is the combination of all chemical processes within the body that sustain life. Every adult is in control of the amount of food he or she consumes each day, so the intake of calories is something that can be controlled. To a major degree, a person can also control output of energy or the number of calories he/she burn each day. The weight loss includes
  • Changes in Lifestyle
  • Healthy food
  • Increase physical activities
  • Weight loss medicines
  • Surgery

Diet plans and exercise guides are highly helpful in weight loss. It is mandatory to strictly follow a healthy diet plan and focusing on more active lifestyle. Mostly, people lose weight for 18-24 months but again gaining weight after some time due to not following a proper diet and lifestyle patterns. So, it is important to understand that people may gain weight after some time and it is purely depends on the diet and lifestyle a person has follow after the weight loss.

Fayth clinic, Mumbai provides best diet plans and exercise Package for weight loss. Faith clinic provides full guidance on exercise, medication, liquid diet, and supplements for losing weight.

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Wednesday, 7 June 2017

Basic Health Package – ensure health with regular check up

Basic Health CheckUps

The endless hours of our toil and hard work are all for a common reason, to build a comfortable life and provide for all the needs of our family. Yet we slack when it comes to our own health, which is the backbone of happiness and well being of the family. It’s time to stop putting health on the back burner and getting yourself and your loved ones checked up.
The basic health check up packages offered at Fayth Clinic helps in spotting diseases early on, which helps in taking appropriate treatment for cure before it aggravates into a major issue. Regular check-ups help in detecting the probability for diseases even before their onset. 

At this time when the rate of lifestyle and other associated diseases are on an all time high, regular health check-ups have grown to be a necessity. After all isn’t it better and more peaceful to ensure your healthy being rather than live under the fear of potential risks!
Many of us put off diagnostic check-ups just because of our reluctance to put them in our budgets. But remember, when compared to the cost of healthcare treatments today, this is a mere amount. We can save ourselves from grave physical, mental and financial agony by putting aside this well used sum towards regular health check up.You can approach online Fayth clinic for the best health checkup treatments with an affordable cost.

Basic Package at Fayth Clinic

The basic health check package offered at online Fayth Clinic store includes consultation with a physician along with all basic diagnosis check up tests for haematology, diabetes, kidney function, Lipid profile, liver and cardiac functions. Other tests included in the package include radiology tests, analysis of stool and so on. 

The package is offered at a nominal price of Rs. 2340. These can be brought online through the online health portal of Fayth Clinic. So, you are just a click away from taking charge of your health and wellbeing.

Online Fayth Clinic offers best health checkups and diagnostic services through their online health portal.

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Tuesday, 16 May 2017

Weight Loss Packages from Fayth Clinic – For A Healthy Tomorrow

The growing concern of lifestyle diseases have led to a realisation of how unhealthy our life practises have grown to be, today. Obesity is one of the biggest contributors to a horde of diseases that threaten to eat away our health. It is heartening to see people turning to exercise and diet plans for weight loss.

But are you doing it right? Are your self-imposed diet and exercise plans bringing about a result that you desire? Probably not. In many cases, you might have shed a few pounds but that would have brought with it fatigue and tiredness.

In a world, where stakes are high and competition has raised to the levels of Everest, you cannot afford to compromise with energy or time. We at Fayth Clinic are well aware of that and hence our Diet and Exercise Protocol package for weight loss.

Designed with an aim to cater to all your needs and limitation, the weight loss packages are designed with expert help from the best in the field. They are all set to assist you with all your nutrition and exercise requirement from day 1 onwards, within the bounds of your professional and personal life requirements.

Diet Protocols from Fayth Clinic

Weight loss through dieting is not as simple as it sounds. Avoiding fatty foods do not alone remedy your flab issues. Imagine how good it would be to have a companion to walk you through the weight loss regimen with ease. That’s exactly what diet protocols from Fayth Clinic intends to do. That too, at a very affordable rate of Rs.2740 only.

Exercise Protocols from Fayth Clinic

An effective and healthy weight loss regimen needs an accurate roadmap for maximum excess calorie burn. Exercise protocols from Fayth Clinic gives expert assistance for optimum weight loss without causing stress to your muscles and tendons. They can now be bought online at a discount price of just Rs.2000.

We offer a combination of diet and exercise protocol packages, now at a discount of Rs.3150. Opportunity never knocks twice. So, go grab your price for a healthy tomorrow.

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Tuesday, 4 April 2017

Overcome Hair Loss with Diagnosis Packages from Fayth Clinic

Beautiful, silky, shiny, healthy strands of hair are what we all pray for. Instead, we get the dull, fuzzy, thinning nightmare of hair! The reason could be that, you are not as healthy as you think so. Diagnosis packages for hair loss could get you back on track with that dream hair of yours with an accurate health check up to find out the root causes of hair loss.

Hair growth happens in three phases. The first is the growing phase and it covers about 8 to 10 years. It is said that the majority of the hair’s life cycle is in this phase. The second is the transition phase which is characterised by the shrinking of the hair follicles. This lasts from 2 to 3 weeks. The final phase is resting phase and then the hair falls off.

Normally, we lose about 50 to 100 strands every day. When the rate of hair loss exceeds that, hair loss becomes a problem. Diagnosis packages for hair loss helps in detecting the cause of hair loss and the extent of the problem. With an accurate diagnosis, the problem can be cured and hair growth regained.

Causes of hair loss

Though hair loss is not a grave or life threatening issue, going bald makes you look older. It also affects our self-confidence negatively. Some common causes of hair loss are: -
  • Due to skin infections like ringworm.
  • Due to fungal infection, as in the case of dandruffs.
  • Nutrient deficiencies like iron deficiency and so on
  • Thyroid disorders
  • Autoimmune disorders like psoriasis
  • Other factors like sudden weight loss, stress or elevated level of Vitamin A.
Diagnosis tests for hair loss

The tests and factors involved in the diagnosis package for hair loss include: -
  • CBC – to test factors like anaemia
  • FBS (Fasting Blood Sugar)
  • T3, T4, TSH – to test thyroid function
  • Vitamin D3, B12
  • Testosterone levels
Fayth Clinic offers advanced diagnosis packages for hair loss at affordable and attractive rates. They can be accessed and bought online at a discount rate of Rs 4700 now.

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