Wednesday, 23 March 2016

A Fit,Healthy Body Reduce Your Weight

Weight Loss Treatment

Obesity is a main public health problem .Many people find that they start firstly lose weight by dieting procedure. They speedly regain the weight after the diet ends. Because it so hard to keep weight off over time, it is very important to have as more information and support as possible before starting a diet. You are most likely to be successful in reduce weight and keeping it off when you believe that your body weight can be controlled.
There is also higher risk of elevated cholesterol, blood pressure, higher incidence of gall bladder diseases and cancer. Extreme obesity has been also connected with metabolic diseases and infertility, respiratory problems heart disease and possible cardiac failure and It is not just a social problem but also a disease process with major genetic components.

There are various health problems that are related with obesity. There are various methods to treat obesity,they are lifestyle changes, dietary changes, physical activities, medications etc..... All these methods have some risks and problems related to it. The weight loss treatment program is a safe method to clean out obesity from the under. The medical weight loss treatment program includes various exercises and methods like aerobics are there. There will be an instructor or trainers are there in the program. The trainer will have a regular monitoring. Through the specially designed exercise treatments. The fat build up can be reduced along with dietary invention. For the best results, heart rate will be monitored on a regular basis. It is important for obtaining the best results.

Body mass Index borrowed from height and weight is of the indicators of obesity
  • below 19 Underweight
  • 19 – 24.9 Normal
  • 25 – 29.9 Overweight
  • 30-39.9 Obesity
  • 40 or over Morbid obesity

Average BMI age wise
  • 5 yrs 17
    10 yrs 20
    15yrs 23
    18 yrs 25

Tuesday, 22 March 2016

A Complete Body Checkup Is The Right Choice For A Healthly Life

Body Checkup package

Fayth Clinic provides various packages for patients.The offered package is

Body Checkup Package at Rs:999/- only Valid Till 30 March 2016

The package includes;


CBC | ESR | FBS | Lipid |Bun|Creat|Calcium|Uric Acid

SGOT|SGPT|Bilirubin|Alkaline Phosphatase|Total Protein|

Thyroid Profile|Urine|ECG.

Fayth Clinic Online offers a wide range of thoughtfully designed health check up package to cater all age group medical requirements. Consultations are given by a team of highly qualified and experienced

medical professionals.


The Advantages Of Body Checkup

  It is necessary to get a full body checkup on a regular basis due to rising stress and excited schedule in our daily lives.Undergoing this regular health checkup is not only important for men but women also.This test should be taken for early diagnosis of any problem in any body part and its timely treatment. Before the test certain instructions are needed to be followed which will be given to you by the hospital, in advance.  Generally the day of physical examination as well as consultation with the doctor will take place on the same day.

The checkup can help discover a health issue earlier when treatment can be more effective.Body checkup gives you an opportunity to check your health status and risk factors.It helps to promotes healthy lifestyle.and find health disorder at an early stage when treatment can be effective with minimum of complications.

 The complete health checkup package involves a complete checkup for all the vital and sensitive parts of the body. This health checkup package is designed keeping patients in mind and will not burn a hole in your pocket. The highest degree of quality and cleanliness is maintained. The package is designed to ensure our patient’s good health at all times with our finest diagnostic and wellness centres. Our well trained and expert professionals take immense care of the patient during the treatment process so that they feel comforted and loved.