Saturday, 23 January 2016

Online Health Checkup Packages

Fayth Clinic provides various packages for patients. A discount of 30% will be given for each package.
Various packages offered by the fayth clinic includes the following :
  • Cardiac health check up:
A routine check up is necessary to maintain heart's health.
The reasons for strokes includes the following :
-Family history
-Blood pressure
  • Family health checkup:
Understandable and personalized health check ups are provided by Fayth Clinic.
  • Pre-Employment Health Check up:
Diseases will become a barrier for the employees to perform their work efficiently.
Medical tests provided to check the health condition of pre-employees include the following :
-Height, weight, body mass index(BMI)
-Cardiovascular examination
-Central nervous system examination
-Respiratory examination
-Vision assessment
  • Vaccination center in Mumbai
For improving the immunity of persons against various diseases , vaccines will be provided by the Fayth Clinic.
  • Diagnosis packages for hair loss
-Ring worms can cause hair loss problems due to the breakage of scalp.
-Iron deficiency and fungus problems are also the major reasons for hair loss.
  • Diagnosis packages for acne and skin problems
Acne and skin problems are very common among teenegers.
Fayth Clinic provides various diagnostic tests like :CBC, FBS, HbA1C, DHEAS, T3, T4, TSH, S.Prolactin, vit D3 for acne and skin problems .

Fayth Clinic offers an online booking service for performing various Medical Test. For more details visit us on :