Sunday, 20 September 2015

Online Health Care Booking Portal

Online Health Care Booking Portal Mumbai

Online Fayth Clinic is a site to book various appointments and medical check ups. Fayth clinic is a ISO 9001:2008 multi speciality hospital. There mission is to give quality health service at affordable cost. There are mainly located in Mumbai:- at Prabhadevi and Borivali. They have many diagonsti centre acrross the country. The hospital is Manned by Dr Paula Goel and Dr Saurabh Goel.

Fayth Clinic provides Various Check Ups like Pre employement packages, Basic health checkup, Executive health checkup, Cardiac health checkup, Gynec health checkup, Teen health checkup Diabetic health checkup, Pediatric health checkup, Geriatric health checkup.

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Online Fayth Clinic site have made easy for people to book appointment and schedule medical test. One can book all kind of medical test through . It is very simple health care portal. No other hospitals have started like this online portal.

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